Problem on displaying l with circle under for Charis SIL

L-circle cannot display correctly.
I just found that, when reading an article on the Wikipedia about "Approximant consonant", the "small letter l with circle under" did not dispaly properly: [l̥]As you may be able to see, the "l" and the circle are misaligned, with the circle shifted to the left side.
SIL replied as follows:
I think this probably depends on your browser or your version of uniscribe, or possibly even if you've enable smart font support in Control Panel/Regional and language settings. As you can see (this is a screenshot from the message you sent me), it displays perfectly for me: So, I do not believe it is the font, but an application issue. I checked the page you were referring to in both Firefox and IE and they both show it displayed wrong, but because it is fine in other apps I feel it's an application issue.